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Chartered in 1999, European Wine Imports Inc. has expanded into its second decade of importing and distributing fine wine.

Our success is based on faithful adherence to our mission statement:

 Only the best wines from around the world.

A product is not quality just because it is scarce and expensive, as wine sometimes can be. Our customers pay for only what is useful to them. Our high-impact value wines and efficient logistics systems guarantee that our customers get the best value to compete in the market.
Usefulness and value in today’s market are what constitutes quality. We scour the fields of Europe to find the niches in our portfolio (and yours) that need to be filled, and we nurture the relationships we’ve kept for years with both our own suppliers and those that we supply. European Wine Imports offers the ideal product solutions for a number of your market needs.
We import, warehouse, and ship for several major European producers.
Our footprint covers most of the US and Canada.
As business in America is done with dollars, this creates an economy of scale that greatly reduces our costs in face of currency fluctuations.
Our own product lines are sold nationally in more than half the States, and we permeate the Ohio market. One of our unheralded strengths is our selection of kosher wines. We carry over 50 types of kosher wines from Chile, Israel, Galilee, Bordeaux, and Italy.

The business of wine can be as complex as an old Burgundy. European Wine Imports can make the business as enjoyable as one too. Welcome to our site and happy browsing.