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Heitlinger Riesling "Shiny River" 2011

A forward flowing texture of clear highlights of lemon, lime and peach. This cool character Riesling, with a vivid fresh aroma will accompany any light dish.

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News - 1st Quarter 2014

January 2014

Happy New Year to you and yours! Where did 2013 go? It's hard to believe it is already 2014, that itself, deserves a toast so pick up a bottle of European Wine Imports, Jacval Blanc de Blancs Sparkling for only $9.99. The Jacval is very pleasant with fruit forward aromas. Mellow and aromatic on the palate with hints of peach and pear to be enjoyed as an aperitif or with fruit desserts. You cannot beat a nice sparkling for only $9.99. Cheers!!!

Living in Cleveland means dealing with unpredictable weather but in theory, January is supposed to be a cold month with snow which means a lot of wrapping up in a blanket to a movie or curling up with a good book infront of the fire. Those sound like great ideas, however they are missing one thing; a good drink to warm the body. Below you will find my wine picks for the month of January.

For the white wine lovers, buy our Guy Allion Sauvignon A which is sure to please at the low price of $14.99. This wine has many aromas of flowers, plum and hints of grass. Round and fruity when still young, its roundness and depth will ensure enjoyment with every sip. Also a good wine, is our Cleebourg Pinot Blanc at $10.99. This white wine is from the Alsace region and is aged in stainless tanks. Very floral and ample in the mouth, with aromas that are well balanced. It will complement any kind of appetizers, seafood or strong cheese. For our more adventurous spenders, try the Domaine St. Siffrein Chateauneuf du Pape White priced at $36.99. A fine and complex expression of White Grenache and Clairette, citrus fruit and floral flavors make this wine remarkable! A complete meal can be done with this heavy white wine, even with red meat and desserts.

Now, time for my red wine lovers! We will start from lowest to highest, however the price does not justify the wine, only taste will tell. Chateau des Tuquets Red priced at $9.99 is from a truly ancient vineyard in Bordeaux. This red wine is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc made in the tradition of the best wine maker in France. It has a deep purple robe and delicate finish. It is rounded, supple and smooth on the palate. This red Bordeaux will complement all kinds of meat or strong cheese. For the middle price bracket, the $19.99 Mandrolisai is obtained exclusively from the red grapes typical of the Sardinia Island varieties. The vineyards are located in high hills in the geographic zone of Mandrolisai, in central Sardinia. This wine is aged for two years in oak barrels, followed by refining in the bottle. Its red ruby color, deep flavor and full body taste make for an austere and elegant wine. Last, but not least, I recommend the Chateau la Mission Laville, at a reasonable price of $59.99. Its deep purple robe, its aromas of violets, blackcurrant, black truffles and cocoa - none dominating the others -, its richness, power, concentration and elegance all make for a wine that equals the greatest!

It's only appropriate to match our wines with the weather so I present to you, our Icewines! Our Pillitteri Riesling Icewine VQA ($36.99/187ml or $58.99/375ml) though light-weight, there's no shortage of flavor. Honey, anise, apricot and beeswax notes are concentrated and driven by the vivid acidity. Tastes just a bit hot on the finish which is perfect for this weather. The Pillitteri Cabernet Franc Icewine VQA ($44.99/187ml) is sure to impress the avid Icewine drinker. Light wild honey, maple syrup and subtle floral notes of purple violets fill the nose with a light straw complexity. This wine has an elegant and lush palate, with an intense body. The heavenly finish is not cloying. Enjoy with all desserts.

Well folks, these beautiful selections are hopefully enough to keep you warm and happy through the month of January. Check back with me in February for the picks of those special wines perfect for the lovers on Valentines Day!