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Le Grand Bouqueteau Chinon

Dark, deep red color. Round, fruity with soft tannins, dried fruit aromas and intense acidity.

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European Wine Imports, since 1999, has accumulated a portfolio of wines that are more about terroir than they are about the latest wine flavor of the month. It can be said that Franck and his crew are terriorists. That means that they believe that the earth through the vine makes the wine, not the chemist. “Only the best products from around the world” is the Mission Statement of European Wine Imports.

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News - 2nd Quarter 2015

June 2015

The Americans and the French officially celebrate freedom in July, but June is the month of liberation. It's all about climbing temperatures, the reacquaintance with the summertime, and the allure of adventure that can only be found in the great outdoors and on the open road.

Or maybe you prefer the quieter and much simpler rituals that are closer to home, like sitting on the porch or the fire escape on a warm evening and sipping a glass of something tasteful - even if the view looks less like a sprawling vineyard and more like a backyard vegetable garden or a slab of urban concrete.

Whether your taste runs to white or red, we are sure to have something for you. In honor of Flag Day (June 14th) I recommend our Heavyweight Chardonnay 2013 produced and bottled by Scotto Family Cellars in Lodi, California. Rich citrus and apple flavors with gentle oak spice notes. But when the situation calls for a big, smooth, mouthful of flavor, it's time for a champion also known as our Heavyweight Cabernet Sauvignon 2012. The blackberry and currant aromas strike swiftly followed by a combination of rich fruit flavors. After a couple of sips, you may need to go to the corner and catch your breath.

I would like to personally wish all of the fathers or fathers-to-be out there, a Happy Father's Day on June 21. Try something new and buy the father in your life, a nice bottle of wine. For the red wine drinkers, try a bottle of the Chateau Coustolle Canon Fronsac 2010. Ruby red color filled with finesse and liveliness. Dominant aromas of red fruits enriched by spice and truffles. Fleshy and racy with a solid tannic structure combining elegance and wealth. Or a bottle of Guy Allion Sauvignon A 2013 is sure to please the white wine drinker. In Thesee, at the Haut Perron, the vineyard overlooks the Cher River on the clay-limestone slopes, with presence of flints that allow topping the sun during the day. The Sauvignon Blanc grapes show all their qualities: the delicate nose has aromas of white flowers, such as blackcurrant and box tree. The balance and roundness of the mouth have flavors of passion fruit and grapefruit. A wine for all occasions; especially delicious chilled as an aperitif, with asparagus, seafood, fish or goat cheese.

Finally, June 21 is the official First Day of Summer, so pop open a bottle of Vendi Pinot Grigio 2013. This Pinot Grigio is lovely with melon and pear fruit flavors followed by a medium bodied wine that has fresh acidity and a clean crisp finish with a touch of fruit. Also perfect for summertime is the Le Grand Bouqueteau Chinon Rose 2014. Clear, pale orange in color with floral notes and English sweets hint. Dry and very aromatic with a nice long finish and a very pleasant aftertaste. Recommended for barbecue, white meat, salad, pizza or great by itself.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit our site. There's no need to rush. That's what June is all about, after all. Slowing down, relaxing a little. Whether you prefer red or white, there's no need to feel blue (we'll save that color combination for next month). You're not at liberty to do anything or nothing. We don't recommend drinking on the aforementioned open road (there are certain adverse legal consequences to consider), but the rest of the great outdoors is fair game. So is that porch, or that fire escape, or any other place where you would prefer to relax and enjoy the freedom and promise of another new summer.